Circle Polka dot pipe

Circle Polka dot pipe

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Stepup your smoking rituals with this hand sculpted porcelain pipe inspired by Yayoi Kusama and concept of infinity. 

 These pipes provide a smoking experience with a great ergonomics in your hand and beautiful aestetics. Each pipe is individually handsculpted and one of a kind. Each piece is made using highest quality Dutch Royal porcelain and glazed with Non-toxic, lead free and food safe glazes.


Made to order and individually sculpted.


• Porcelain pipe

• Food safe Glazes

• Hand sculpte

Made in the Netherlands




  • These pipes are intended for tobacco use only and buyers must be at least 18 years. Buyer is responsible for knowing local laws and restrictions in purchasing and use of this product.
  • Since each piece is hand sculpted, items may vary slightly from photo.