Handbulding Workshop
Handbulding Workshop
Handbulding Workshop

Handbulding Workshop

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Friday evenings from 7:30-10pm (2.5 hours) come and play around with clay in my studio. No previous experience necessary. Make your own custom bowl, cup, vase, pipe or sculpture. I will be showing you multiple methods of hand building with clay and you will get a chance to have your work fired and glazed. Every student will be working on their own project while I will be guiding them to learn the process and improve skills. You can start the class on any Friday (Apr-jun) you wish and do as many as you wish (with breaks in between) 

In the workshop, you will learn about hand building techniques (forming, slab building, pinching and coiling).
Each person will create a custom object and decorate it with colors.
When the project is finished you will leave it in my studio so he can get dry,
your project will be covered in glaze, fired in my kiln and will be ready for pick up after 2 weeks.

– No need to bring special clothes
– Please be on time or a bit before
– We strongly encourage you to register early as class size is limited to 6 people per class

– No experience is necessary – the workshop is intended for beginners but is also suitable for the more experienced.

– We offer a relaxed, diverse and supportive environment for everyone

- The price includes basic materials and firing. 

- Location : Amsterdam Oost

- lessons thought in English