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Hi! May name is Farbod, I am the maker, Designer and Creative director of Farbod Ceramics. I have been working with clay since 2015 when I signed up for a community centre class in Vancouver and fell in love with the process. During this time I was attending University at SFU studying Communications but I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with my life and decided to move to the Netherlands on 2018 where started working full time as a freelance Artist and growing my studio ever since. I am currently resigning in the beautiful and historic city of Masstricht, known for its Industrial Ceramics production. I am also attending University here at UM in the field of Arts and Social Sciences.  

Farbod Ceramics is a Zero emission micro batch production based in the heart of Maastricht. Our studio is powered by 100% renewable energy (wind + solar) and everything is made by hand using ethically sourced, non-toxic and sustainable materials. We offer a range of original, well designed ceramics using the highest quality materials and transforming them slowly to create unique and original objects.

Portrait by Joshua Cowan

Available In Stores 

We feel privileged and honoured to work with small businesses run and owned by independent women, poc and LGBTQ+ community to bring our products in stores near you while supporting the local economy.


  • Out To Lunch (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Out To Lunch (Porto, Portugal)
  • The Labour Department (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Altered State (Leiden, NL)
  • State of Mind (Haarlem, NL)
  • Farbod Ceramics Studio shop ( -by appointment only- Maastricht)

United States

  • Moss Crossing (Oregon) 
  • Tunnel Records + beach goods (San Francisco)
  • Garden Party(Asheville)
  • Ladies Of Paradise (Oregon)
  • Bliss CBD shop (Chicago) 
  • A shop of things (online)
  • Space Camp (Texas)
  • Sundae School (NYC, LA, Seoul)


  • Gallery of BC Ceramics, Granville Island (Vancouver)
  • Neighbourhood Quality Goods, Main Street (Vancouver)
  • Drifter Brand(Vancouver)
  • The Village Bloomery (Vancouver)
  • The Village Bloomery (Viktoria)
  • Good Omen, New Westminster (Vancouver)
  • Zebra Club, Granville (Vancouver)
  • Hey Jude, Gastown (Vancouver)
  • Goat Shop(Calgary)
  • Goods Shop, Dalhousie (Ottawa)
  • Likely General (Toronto)
  • Make New (Halifax)


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    Wholesale Inquiries

    Please send us an email to farbodceramics@gmail.com with details about your store, a little bit about yourself ,your brand and your inquires. We will create a wholesale account for you and send you a link and password where you can shop, view our line sheet and wholesale terms and conditions.